At one time or another we’ve all faced a challenge or task that we thought we just couldn’t handle. What would you say if someone who had little or no training or education in a particular subject stepped in and quickly figured it out completely on her own? You would take a step back, shake your head, and wonder how she did it. Helen hadn’t tackled anything like this before; she’d had no formal training, she didn’t follow a detailed set of instructions, and she didn’t wait around for somebody else to show her what to do. If you weren’t envious, you might compliment her by saying, “Helen, you’re pretty good at that. You must have a knack for it.”

Imagine that a few weeks later you run into Helen again. This time you might find her expressing herself creatively by painting some beautiful picture. You are amazed. You might suspect that she had studied art for many years to be able to paint like that, but when you ask Helen where she learned her skill, she says she never studied formally. “I enjoy painting and just paint what I see and feel.”

Would it be correct to say that Helen has a knack for painting? Certainly, but if you were to give her another challenge that she desired to take on, she’d probably teach herself whatever she needed to know in order to meet that challenge as well.

Imagine if you had the ability to teach yourself anything. If you could do that, chances are that most of the barriers that presently hold you back would vanish. Self-learning is not some skill reserved only for “geniuses,” nor does it have language or cultural barriers. It is a skill that we all share, regardless of race, sex, age, upbringing, wealth, or anything else you believe limits your potential.

The Ultimate Lesson will show you how you can master anything that you want to learn, naturally and effortlessly. Once you discover how to teach yourself, your life will have virtually no limits. All the world’s teachers and trainers combined cannot teach you a fraction of what you can teach yourself.

The Ultimate Lesson does not give you something you don’t already have. Instead, it enables you to realize the amazing ability you are unaware that you already possess. As you progress through this book, you will see a lot of conventional “wisdom” go right out the window. At the same time, you will understand that you are sitting on top of a gold mine of personal power and ability, just waiting for you to tap into it.

...excerpt from The Ultimate Lesson

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The Ultimate Lesson
10 Point Guide on How to Teach Yourself ANYTHING
By Art Niemann

Buy THE ULTIMATE LESSON from Amazon.com