Traditional teachers are paid to share their knowledge, whether or not their instruction yields results. Therefore, they have little incentive to ensure that their students will benefit from the knowledge. On the other hand, a teacher who had the proper motivation would make sure you were well taught. He would make sure you understood and followed through on everything, thereby benefiting from the knowledge. He can only be properly motivated if he has a significant stake in your growth and well-being. Who holds a greater stake and who has more potential motivation to teach you, than you yourself?

Throughout this learning process you are going to wear two hats, one as a student and one as your own teacher. Your growth is the reward for a job well done, so naturally you will do a much more effective job of teaching yourself than could ten professors who donít share the same powerful incentive. Chances are youíve done this already, perhaps when you saw something you wanted to try and then tried it. If you think it might be fun to learn to play tennis, but have nobody to teach you, you can take a few trips to the neighborhood tennis courts to learn the rules of the game. Youíll see that you need a tennis racquet, some fuzzy white or yellow balls, and some persistence. Procure the equipment and practice hitting the balls against the wall. After youíve hit a thousand of them, the stroke of the racquet will begin to feel more natural. Find someone to practice with, sign up for a court, and play. If you enjoy it, you might decide to play regularly, and over time you will develop skills and proficiency in different parts of your game. The forehand stroke, the backhand stroke, the serve, the volley, and the overhead smash will start feeling more natural, and your stroke will become consistently more powerful with time and practice.

Youíll feel great personal satisfaction when you learn something on your own. Self-learning can help you advance professionally and socially, you can learn at your own pace, and itís fun. You can choose to learn over a long period of time or blast through your course of study ten times faster than if you were locked in a typical classroom environment. You wonít be held back by the structured pace of a class with students who have varying degrees of ability.

...excerpt from The Ultimate Lesson

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The Ultimate Lesson
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