What happens when the bulk of the education you intended to rely upon for a lifetime becomes obsolete in just a few years? How do you prepare for inevitable career changes when formal training is not available? In today’s fast moving society, these important questions are being asked with ever increasing frequency. The rapid advancement of technology often leaves the well educated person armed with skills that can quickly become obsolete as the world transforms around them. Those who do not adapt take the chance of being left behind.

The format of traditional education has clearly not kept pace with the pace of advancement in today's modern society. The antiquated teaching methods, which have changed little during the last century, have helped perpetuate the myth that a normal “education” that ends at approximately age 22 prepares a person for a lifetime of productivity in the skill in which they majored.

The Ultimate Lesson is much more than just a new method of learning. It unleashes your unique ability to tackle virtually any challenge, skill or subject, without regard to your present level of experience, and accomplish your goals even when formal instruction is not available. Utilizing this unique skill opens up an entire world of possibilities to all of us who were brought up to believe that any new subjects could only be learned through formal education.

Today the explosive growth in technology renders nearly obsolete those skills which may have been on the cutting edge just a few years before. The person who relies only on those skills picked up during their “learning years” will be severely shortchanged. This is where self-learning comes into play. First, it is necessary just to keep pace. Second, it opens up a whole new range of career and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as personal fulfillment.

A true self-learner enjoys ultimate freedom. They are among the world’s most successful people. We label them as geniuses, while at the same time not realizing that each of us shares this same amazing ability. The Ultimate Lesson enforces the belief that we all have this ability to learn on our own.

This naturalistic method of learning forms the backbone of The Ultimate Lesson. By focusing on what you want to accomplish, finding the proper motivation, and working backwards to form a plan of action, your potential is absolutely unlimited!

...excerpt from The Ultimate Lesson

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The Ultimate Lesson
10 Point Guide on How to Teach Yourself ANYTHING
By Art Niemann

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